Miley Cyrus as a Digital Brand

Miley Cyrus is everywhere. She can’t stay out of the news lately and there’s a reason for that; she is constantly using social media and digital outlets to let people into her life.

Miley is constantly on twitter talking about her upcoming releases and different events that she has been attending. She is continuously interacting with her followers and keeping them up to date with everything going on in her life. She has used Twitter to benefit her career and she got people talking about her.

She promoted her new album, BANGERZ, constantly. She took to Twitter like wild fire, always updating her followers on her progress or letting them know the meaning behind some of the songs.

She used social media to show the world how she has changed. Some people may say that she has lost her role model status, but she is still getting people to talk about her. People know who she is and what she is doing. She has created a brand for herself and she is staying true to herself and sharing her life with the world.

One thing she could change would be to utilize other social sites. She uses Twitter as a medium to interact with her fans everyday, but uses Facebook and Instagram less often.

Regardless of what people say about her, she is using digital media to spread the word about her new music and about her new self, her new life, and I must admit, it’s working.

“Forget the haters because somebody loves ya.” – Miley Cyrus